For anyone with above average income in the developed world, life could be perfect. We have the resources to do it so. But it is not. We have more and more problems, more and more miserable lives.

The cause? The modern lifestyle is not suitable to how our body and mind have evolved. We harm ourselves without knowing (example: smoking in the beginning). And we harm ourselves because we cannot control our own behaviour (example: smoking now).

Our behaviour is not conscious and intentional. It is determined by unconscious algorithms evolved for the Paleolithic. Natural selection led to these algorithms. They optimize for survival and reproduction fitness in the world of 99% of Homo Sapiens history: wild hunter-gatherers in nature. When we try to enforce behaviour contrary to these algorithms, we fail. For example: 99% of diet attempts.

The ideal life is one optimized for how our body and mind evolved, and designed to determine our unconscious algorithms to make beneficial decisions.

The ideal life has the elements of the Paleolithic necessary to our wellbeing, without the drawbacks.

But designing your life depends on your own behaviour. We must choose it as well. We can change it by influencing the factors behind our unconscious algorithms, rather than trying to brute-force them.

We put all of this together in a step by step plan to evolve a normal miserable life into the ideal one.

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